Overclocking Immersion Cooling Solution

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Update time : 2022-04-15 15:12:00

Recently, immersion cooling overclocking has become a hot issue. S19 110T miner can be overclocked up to 150T, 160T or even 200T via immersion cooling overclocking. We hope you can have a better understanding of immersion cooling overclocking through our story below. 

Back to 2017, some Russian customers had adopted using immersion cooling for S9 miners, to lower the noise as well as obtain better operation performance given the fact that thermal conductivity of mineral.

Oil circulation is much faster than air circulation. General electronic equipment will also work more effectively under the condition of better heat dissipation. Later on, these customers had developed overclocking hardware based on immersion cooling dissipation, which increased amplitude of overclocking for miners. In return, this development has shortened the return on investment.

At the beginning of Year 2022, we learnt that an American customer planned to purchase 2 units of GPW12 to run a overclocked S19 miner when we offered him a 3500W GPW12 power supply (special for S19 series). After overclocked, the power consumption per T hash rate will increase accordingly, so the original power supply can no long meet the requirement. It is necessary to add another power supply or change to another one with a higher power consumption. To help the customer save his cost and increase the utilization of space of oil tank, we have designed overclocking power supply 4500W, 6000W, and 8000W which are specially for overclocking.

We have adopted antminer’s hardware without commission socket. It is zero commission and safe to use compared with other overclocking hardwares in the market. 

To further display our immersion cooling overclocking products, we have built up an immersion cooling laboratory in Shenzhen. We welcome all friends and partners who are interested in immersion cooling overclocking to bring the miners and test them.

8000W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock  to 180T+/ immersion cooling

6000W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+/ immersion cooling
4500W Overclocking Power Supply
for S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ / fan cooling

Three kinds of Overclocking Boards / Safe & no commission
board 1:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 150T+ by oil cooling
board 2:  for S19pro 110T overclock to 130T+ by fan cooling
board 3:  for S19 95T overclock to 110T+ by fan cooling

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