Blockchain Life 2022,Moscow

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Update time : 2022-04-20 21:17:00

OnestopMining attends Blockchain Life 2022 in Moscow, the 8th international forum on cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life20th, April.


With the lead of Jozz,our KAZ sales team meet the Uminer, IG TEC, Vnish, IBMM, GIS MINING,NEW MINING etc.

We have went through a series of issues with mutual interests in Russian market, for instance, miner selling, mining farm, hosting service, maintenance center, overlocking solutions and etc.  

So far, our company have made a sound progress with companies like Uminer, IG TEC, Vnish, IBMM, GIS MINING, NEW MINING in terms of miner selling, overlocking solutions. And we’ve started to make tests of customized overlocking power supply and solution for IG TEC and Vnish, which make their in-total hash rate increased by 50% in their mining farms compared to their previous condition. Correspondingly, the ROI will be shorten by 30%. We deeply believe that our solution will offer and benefit our Russian customers and their mega mining farms better profits and income. 

We look forward to meeting more customers in the upcoming exhibitions, and stepping forward.

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